Directed by: Sam Dunn and Marc Ricciardelli | Release DATE: TBD | RUNTIME: 97 min

Triumph is a hard-rock trio from Mississauga, Ontario who exploded into Rock superstardom in 1979. After finding world-wide success, they would disappear from the music scene after an acrimonious split in 1988. Triumph is remembered today for many reasons: their years of constant touring, for producing shows that featured ambitious pyrotechnics and laser light shows that rivaled the quality of the band’s virtuosic musicianship, and Triumph’s uplifting catalog of songs that inspire in a music genre that often was defined by darker themes. Triumph didn’t invent Arena Rock or Hair Bands, but they were the definition of both.

Award-winning documentarian, anthropologist and Triumph fan Sam Dunn has spent much of his cinematic career documenting the music genre known as heavy metal. Metal is the topic of his first film, METAL: A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY and has created documentaries about hard rock legends Rush, Iron Maiden and ZZ Top. He joins co-director Marc Ricciardelli to explore Triumph’s unique music, history and cultural impact in TRIUMPH: ROCK AND ROLL MACHINE.

TRIUMPH: ROCK AND ROLL MACHINE debuted at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival, not far from the band’s hometown. The movie was well-received, with critics in attendance saying:

“Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine is a wildly entertaining look at how the band set their sights on becoming the biggest band in the world, and how they actually made that dream happen.”

–  Gabriel Sigler, Bad Feeling Magazine

“Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine is loud, fun, super positive…”

Jason Gorber, POV Magazine